Road Trip

In 1978, my family took a little road trip vacation around New Mexico.  New Mexico is so large, you can drive for hundreds of miles and still be in the same state.  I recently took my own kids on a road trip around some of the states near our home and it reminded me of that road trip of my childhood.

As with memories from your early childhood, I don't remember a whole lot.  I remember we had a red station wagon with faux wood panel sides.  I remember it was before the age of required seat belts and we'd sit in the very back playing card games like Go Fish or coloring as our parents drove.  I remember we visited White Sands National Park and slid down the gypsum dunes which are blindingly white.

I remember that the next day was spent at Carlsbad Caverns.  Despite wearing shorts, we needed our jackets to go through the caves comfortably.

My family and I enjoyed the road trip we just did in our part of the country.  We're also planning our trip out to NM next month.  As much as I'd like to drive the kids around NM, visiting some of these same places and having similar experiences to my 70s trip, that's just not possible now.  Lyn couldn't handle it.  It seems wrong to fly out to see them but leave them behind while we road trip too.  So, we'll let Lyn set the agenda and we'll stick close to Mom's home for our visit.

I am sure that in a few years, we'll be able to road trip NM with my kids and slide down the dunes at White Sands again.


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