Nighttime Confusion

Lyn's nighttime confusion and sleep cycles disturbances are becoming more evident.  Lyn's doctor has suggested that Mom try to keep Lyn up later in the evening instead of letting her give in an go to bed at 4pm.  We're trying to keep her on a more normal sleeping schedule in the hopes that she'll sleep more soundly at night.

If she gets up in the night, she's just as likely to come see what's going on as she is to go back to bed. When she comes into the living room, the resulting conversation makes it evident that she thinks it is supposed to be morning.  She will ask if the sun is about to come up.  She will indicate that she needs to get dressed for the day.  She has even made her bed before leaving her room and it may be 9pm when she gets up.

Confusion over night and day is, unfortunately, common with Alzheimer's.  We've got the black rugs in front of the doors now and have convinced her they are there to catch the dirt or to block an air draft.  There may come a time when we have to add door alarms.  We will continue to evaluate the need for that.


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