Word Search

Lyn has had a couple of doctors appointments.

Her optometrist followed up on her different pupil sizes.  He can't explain it.  However, he indicates that if Lyn's pupils were different sizes as a result of something significant, she would have taken a turn for the worse by now.  That being said, Mom's to go to the ER if there is drifting, drooping or sagging of either eye or eyelid.

Lyn also had her quarterly visit with her primary physician.  She has not lost any weight since the last check.  She was having a pretty sharp day.  At the end of the year, Lyn will have blood work which will see if she's pre-menopausal.  She's having shortened intervals between menses and hot flashes.  Lyn described it by fanning herself and flapping her arm.  She's of the age to be in this stage even if it weren't for the Alzheimer's.

Lyn told her physician that "Sometimes, the word search in my head doesn't really work."  Both Mom and the doctor commended Lyn for her description and tried to not giggle.


  1. The word search in my head doesn't work 100% of the time, more like 80%.

    1. Considering she doesn't use a computer, we thought it was a great description and we all struggle to find the right word sometimes.


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