The Freezer Incident

Recently, Mom stepped into her garage and discovered that at some point in the prior week her chest freezer had died.  It's been hot in New Mexico with temps above 100F.  She has no idea how long the freezer had been thawing other than long enough for all of its contents to be ruined.

She had to scoop out the contents and hope it didn't exceed the trash container's limit for the city to take.  Fortunately, it was collected.  The freezer was cleaned out and scrubbed down to minimize the smell before it was rolled to the curb for collection.

Lyn was returning home from Community Access when it was taken away.  She announced to Mom that "A big white truck with two men took the freezer.  There was writing on the truck but they got it."  Mom tried to let Lyn know that they were from the city and were supposed to take it.  Lyn wasn't convinced and informed Mom she didn't know what she was talking about.  Over the next two hours, Lyn repeated the conversation three more times.  At one point, Mom told her that it was good the freezer was gone and it would have even been fine if the men had stolen it.  Lyn did NOT like that thought at all.

Mom's got a new freezer and, once the temperature drops to more reasonable levels, she can start her holiday baking.  Her freezer is normally stocked with baked goods so that if she needs cookies or muffins she has then at hand.  Perhaps I can convince her to send me a loaf of Ethiopian Honey and Spice bread this year.  It is divine!


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