First Day of Fall

Conversations with Lyn can feel like an Abbott and Costello routine.

Mom writes:

On the way home, I said something about today being the end of Summer.

She said she didn't understand.  "What is Summer?"

Mom: "It's the time when it gets hot.  First, we have Winter when it's cold.  Then, Spring when it starts getting warmer.  Summer is hot.  Then, Fall when it starts getting cooler."

Lyn: "So is Summer hot or cold time?"

Mom: "It's hot time."

Lyn: "So, is it going to be hot time now?"

Mom: "No, it's going to be cooler.  It's Fall or Autumn. "

Lyn: "OK, it'll be cold time."

Mom: "The mornings are cool but the afternoon like today will be hot."

Lyn: "Then it's something else?"

Mom: "Yes, it's something else. "

Lyn: "What?"

Mom: "I don't remember."   I was dizzy from going in circles. 


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