Sleep Confusion

On Monday, Lyn was exhausted when she got home from day hab.  She wanted to go to bed right away but Mom kept her up until just after dinner.  Even then, Lyn was in bed by 5pm.  About 6:15, she woke up and came into the living room.

Mom asked if she just took a nap.  Lyn looked at her as if she was crazy.  She turned around and walked back to the bathroom.  After several minutes, Lyn didn't come back and Mom checked on her.  Lyn was fine; just in the bathroom still.  When Lyn returned to her bedroom, Mom again went to check on her.

She had opened her window blinds and was making her bed.  When Mom asked if she was making it, Lyn denied it and said "I was going to sit on it."  Mom invited to Lyn to come into the living room to watch some Wheel of Fortune.  Lyn did and indicated she didn't know if it was morning or not.

Mom wrote me an email to let me know and included that her "heart was crying."

I was writing yesterday's blog post when she hit Send and I received the note right away.  I picked up the phone and called.  I call in the evening most of the time and I thought a call might help Lyn feel like it was evening.  We had a pretty routine conversation and she decided I was too tired to talk after a couple of minutes.  That's also normal.

Once the Sun set, Mom was able to tuck Lyn back into bed.


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