Saying Good Bye

The wife of a family friend passed away last week as a result of cancer.

The family friend is the woman who served as Lyn's manager for years when she worked at Wendy's.  Though Lyn retired from work years ago, they have remained in contact.  Mom and Lyn still deliver homemade peanut butter cookies to her.  They delivered a batch this week.

Mom intends to attend the funeral, having made arrangements for Lyn to be with her respite provider.  Lyn has been crying off and on about the death of her friend's wife since learning of it.

At the same time, our Aunt is struggling with her own cancer and has a grim prognosis.  Lyn and Mom were taking about our Aunt and Lyn started crying again.  Mom tried to redirect her and assure her that she's being cared for.  Lyn revealed she wasn't upset about our Aunt.  She was crying over the deceased whom she claimed "to have loved my whole life!"  Mom again tried to redirect and assure her that she was no longer suffering or in pain.  The drama was high and Lyn wailed about how no one understands her worries.

Mom shared Lyn's grief with our family friend and they were both able to chuckle about it.  She was glad to know that someone was crying as much as she has been over her wife.  She also amused by the hyperbole in Lyn's grief.  Lyn's grief is real.  Her ability to express it is a bit garbled and it has evoked smiles as a result.


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