Off to the Play

On Sunday, Mom and Lyn went to see a performance of Auntie Mame.  She writes:

"Just got back from Little Theater where we saw Auntie Mame.  She LOVED it, all three hrs.  She laughed appropriately but I'm never sure if she caught what was said.  Probably not.  She clapped.  During one scene where the cast was trying to sit in very low couches, she laughed because it was funny.  About 30 minutes before it ended we heard thunder and rain.  HARD.  All I could think of was that I'd left windows open.  She was concerned about the dog.  We were going to stop and get something to eat but didn't.  Came straight home through a downpour.  On the way home she was smiling and thanked me three times for taking her.  In May, we'll go see Mary Poppins."

I'm glad that they're still able to enjoy such outings.


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