Of Trees and Elves

Mom and Lyn are attending Mass early on Sundays instead of on Saturday evenings because Lyn was starting to panic with how dark it was after the late afternoon Mass.  By going so early, they have plenty of time to run errands, do an activity and stop for lunch before coming home for our Skype conversation.  On Sunday, they filled their morning with a visit to the convention center to view the Festival of Trees.

The trees are an annual event and one which Lyn enjoys attending.  It is low key but filled with plenty of pretty sparkle to entertain her.  This year, she was excited about the tree inspired by the Minions from the Despicable Me movies.  It was simple, bright and cheery.

She was confused by the tree inspired by a wedding cake.

I suspect the tulle and the monochromatic approach doesn't give her enough contrast to appreciate it.  Remember, vision fails with Alzheimer's.

One of the other reasons she likes going, possibly the main reason really, is that Santa will be there in person.  The advertisements for the event announce he will be in attendance and she knows she'll be able to get a hug in.

She was nearly bouncing with her excitement in telling me about seeing Santa.  She told him about the blog and he promised to read it.  He told her to put her arm around him and, of course, she did!

Honestly, I wonder sometimes what the actors are able to piece together when they encounter someone like Lyn.  Like Cinderella in Disney, his job is to make someone happy and he never knows just what will happen.

To all the Santas who have made her and countless others smile over the years, thank you.  Your rosy cheeks, snowy beards, and patient, cheerful disposition have kept the very large Elf alive for her.  You're a crucial part of her Christmas and have never failed to bring the magic.


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