Our Helpers

Mom does a lot of baking through the year.  She bakes assorted breads and cookies.

I used to bake until my husband had some significant dietary changes as we tried to sort through some health issues.  Going gluten-free broke me of my baking skills and reintroducing gluten didn't make them reappear.  I cook more than I bake.

Both Mom and I are in the kitchen daily doing something to prepare edibles.  Often, we get offers of help from younger members of our households.

My youngest has started offering to help.  Kiddo waits until I'm wrapping up and about to plate before offering assistance.  The few things that can be passed off, such as setting the table, will be.  My kitchen is small, my assistant is strategic in the offer and so, not much assistance occurs.

Lyn will offer to help mom bake.  She used to help transfer cookies to the cooling rack.  If Mom needed dough formed into balls or balled peanut butter cookie dough mashed with a fork, Lyn could help.  Lyn used to be able to help her retrieve ingredients from around the kitchen.  Now, when Lyn offers to help, she will come and stand at Mom's shoulder or on the other side of the kitchen island from her.  Once there, she indicates she doesn't want to help.  She just watches and critiques instead.  Mom's kitchen is larger and better laid out than mine.  However, her assistant really isn't interested in helping and not much assistance occurs anymore.

We come at it from different angles, but our assistants leave us shaking our heads, often with a smile.


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