Totally Unacceptable

You know I'm "unappropriated", right?  I've shared with you some of the many ways in which Lyn disapproves of her little sister: the drinking, the marital relations, the questionable life choice of having short hair and my choices in decorations.  What?  I haven't told you how she disapproves of how I decorate my house?  Yeah.  That was new to me too.

When we were Skyping this weekend, my dogs wanted out.  I took my laptop and carried the conversation with me.  When the dogs were ready to come in, I set the laptop on the counter so I could keep talking while helping the dogs dry off and wipe their feet due to the rain.  (Yes, you can teach dogs to wipe their feet.  It helps.)  

Lyn proceeded to tell me I was being unappropriated again and that I know better than that.  I needed to take it down and get rid of it.  It took me a minute to figure out what set her off but a glance over my shoulder revealed the crime against modesty which I was actively committing.  The laptop ended up positioned in such a way that Lyn could see a rather large magnet which sits right in the middle of the freezer door and she was scandalized.

I wasn't sure if Lyn could see that the young woman is clothed.  I picked the magnet off the fridge and brought it to the camera, pointing out that she was dressed.  Lyn countered that she needed to untie the bow to cover her stomach.  Mom suggested that if the bow was untied, her breasts might show.  That comment made Lyn more upset.  Even Mom pointing out that she was wearing a nice big hat didn't mollify her.  

She didn't want my husband or kids to see the magnet and I had to assure her that it was too late.  They've seen this magnet every day for at least 5 years.  Remembering that my husband is often my trump card, I pointed out that he likes the magnet.  He likes it because the model looks like Nigella Lawson.  

Lyn's not happy.  She still thinks I'm unappropriated but she'll accept that my husband likes this magnet.  I would be in SO much more trouble with my sister if it weren't for my husband.  


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