Processing Santa

Lyn viewed her video message from Santa several times over the past few days and loves it.  Upon watching it the first time, she immediately wanted to call our Uncle in Tennessee to tell him about it.  He lives just about 10 miles from Gatlinburg and has been dealing with the impact of the wild fires there.  He was happy to have a call which was so upbeat and excited.

Lyn no longer realizes that I am behind the videos.  To her, they really are pure magic now.  Last year, she was still in on the game, even saying " KNOW!  You sent it!"  This year, there was no connection between her receipt of the video any anything I may have done.  In Lyn's reality, Santa really did send her the message.  He really looked for her file and his team made the decision that she was on the Nice list.

She wondered how he got the picture of her and the picture with me.  Mom assured Lyn it was "Christmas magic" and she agreed with "Must be!"  She also has no firm grasp on time or how quickly things can be shared electronically.

I have the option of the outcome being Naughty or Nice.  I cannot imagine how much it would hurt her to have Santa declare that she was on the Naughty list.  If she was able to process a joke and really understand that I was just playing, then maybe.  A Naughty list video could be done for Mom and she would get it.  Lyn would just be crushed.  There's no fun to be had in that which is why last week's post indicated that Santa had made a wise decision.


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