A Fall

On Friday, Lyn went to Merry Makers to dance and socialize with her friends.  She and two of the guys were headed to the door into the lobby when she tripped over someone's foot.  She fell and landed on her left shoulder.  The staff of Merry Makers immediately were there to help Lyn up and make sure she was ok.  Lyn's respite provider also rushed to her side.  They put ice on the upper arm where she said it was uncomfortable.  She wasn't seriously hurt, just a bit bruised. 

Lyn didn't want to go home and decided to stay for the rest of the evening.  She didn't dance though.  She sat and watched and sang.  By the time she got home, her arm was bruised.

When an accident happens, even a minor one, the team has a series of reports to fill out.  The respite provider has one report.  The staff at Merry Makers has another report.  Mom has a third report.  Additionally, Lyn's case manager has to be notified within 24 hours.  Notification happened within the first two hours.  


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