Sick Again

Lyn is sick again.  On Friday, she came down with acute bronchitis and pharyngitis.  It is moving into a sinus infection as well.  She's on antibiotics and has spent the weekend in bed sleeping or on the couch resting.  Neither Mom nor I can remember how long ago it was that she last had bronchitis.

Lyn is too sick to go to day hab today and will probably be home again tomorrow as well.

Mom wrote:

I felt like I was transported back 40 years.  As Friday evening progressed, things got worse with her.  By 7:30, she wanted to go to bed.  So I tucked her in.  About an hour later she was up, coughing so badly she was gagging.  She sat on the couch with me, sipping her apple juice.  No fever.  At 9, she wanted to go back to bed so I suggested we prop her up with pillows so she was sitting up.  She couldn't grasp what I was saying.  I said to sit up with her back against the pillows.  When she got on her bed, she slid down and had her head bent so the chin was on the chest.  I tried again.  After 3 times of getting her a bit higher, she finally was sitting with the back against the pillows.  By 10:30, she was out, coughing, tossing and turning.  Back we are on the couch with her leaning against me where she fell asleep.  

The first 3 years of her life, she had to sleep propped up or she would stop breathing.  I spent most nights in the rocking chair holding her upright.  Can't do that now.  I would have if it had been possible.  


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