TEASC Results

The TEASC committee with the Adult Special Needs Clinic at the University of New Mexico have sent us their evaluation results.  If you remember, they evaluated Lyn in early August while my family and I were visiting.  The results are in the form of a five page report which was copied to all parties who participated in the evaluation.  My copy arrived over the weekend.  I will not scan the report because it contains Lyn's full name in every paragraph.  However, I would like to share with you parts of the report.

Overall the report is a very interesting read.  It starts off identifying how Lyn was referred to the committee for evaluation.  The second section provides a narrative background description of Lyn, her interests, behaviors and living conditions.  The background provides specific examples of changes noted in Lyn such as the need to give instructions in single steps, the less stable walking gait, increasing frustration with favored hobbies and the loss of skills in using the washing machine or turning the car radio station.  The background concludes with

" (Lyn) was seen on 9/8/11 by (neurologist).  He diagnosted "Static encephalopathy with mile to moderate MR" and commented that anxiety or mood could contribute to symptoms of memory loss.  He suggested Citalopram for anxiety, but family declined that treatment.  On a follow up visit 9/28/11 (according to family) he felt pseudodementia was more likely, and that mood disorder was contributing to cognitive decline."

This is then followed by a brief medical history which lists the Lab/Imaging reports from 2011 and 2012.  The results of the Neuropsych/IQ testing follows along with drug allergies, current medications, family history, developmental/social history, psychiatric history, therapy, residential supports, community service providers, financial support, employment/day hab, school/training and observations.  While these sections are short, they are concise and accurate.

The last two sections are the Impression/Diagnosis and Recommendations.  Therein lies the meat of the document which I will include for you here over the next two days.  They are detailed and, I think, worth the read.

Stay tuned.


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