Lyn has loved music all her life.  She will sing along with a song she knows and likes.  She's not in the least self-conscious enough to stop herself from dancing in place anytime a tune inspires the bit lip and the shake of the fists.

Listening to the built-in reel-to-reel
There was always music in the house when we were growing up.  After dinner, Mom would often put on a Johnny Mathis, Patsy Cline or the occasional Elvis album while she cleaned the kitchen and we played in the living room.  She had a number of movie soundtracks including _The King and I_ and _The Sound of Music_.  I loved "Edelweiss" but I don't remember Lyn having a particular favorite.

We had a small, portable record player with a number of 45 records of kids songs, primary Sesame Street.  I remember hearing  Big Bird singing "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" multiple times a day.

Lyn put up with whatever I played in our shared room.  There were years when it was Top 40 and years when it was The Cure.  Ultimately, I think Lyn's preferences settled down to Country.

She has a collection of CDs and was delighted to realize that her computer will play them for her.  She likes to nose about the computer's files deleting things while listening to her music.


  1. At least twice a wk she'll play The Nutcracker on her computer. I'm beginning to hate that one.


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