Security Blanket

I don't remember when Lyn used a security blanket.  I do remember she had a soft white blanket with a satin border that she loved.  I guess I never thought of it as a security blanket when we were kids and haven't really given it a second thought in the decades since then.  Mom remembers that Lyn would sleep with the blanket clutched to her chest once she learned to sleep in her own bed.

Lyn has been recovering from her recent bout of bronchitis.  During this time, she's reached for a fleece blanket and a teddy bear as she goes to bed.  She's not spreading the blanket over herself.  She's got others for that.  She's clutching it to her chest along with the bear as she sleeps.

It appears that Lyn is showing us another behavior that is a behavior abandoned in childhood.  We'll have to see what happens and if she continues doing this as she recovers more from her illness.  It may be a permanent change.


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