A Tough Week

Lyn's had a bit of a tough week so far.

Early in the week, there were storms which frightened her.  There was rain, a bit of wind, a even a bit of hail.  Snow fell in the mountains but not around the house.  The storms unsettled her and one evening she was clutching teddy bear while sitting on the couch.  Even when the storms passed, she wasn't convinced and it took extra effort for Mom to assure her they were safe.

On Tuesday, when Mom picked her up from day hab, she was exhausted and pale.  She normally looks almost sunburnt on her face but even that red was gone.  She felt like her head would explode and was sneezing and blowing her nose.  Her face hurt, particularly above her eyes.  As they left, Lyn announced to the director of day hab that she wouldn't be there on Wednesday because she was sick.

She didn't go to day hab as she predicted.  She was seen by her doctor in the morning.  It looks to just be a cold.  There's no sign of a sinus infection or ear infection.  The doctor gave Mom a script in case Lyn's not feeling better in a week.

At last report, Lyn wasn't sure she would attend day hab today.


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