Lyn has played solitaire on the computer for as long as she's had access to a computer.  My husband has kept her supplied with one used computer after another for many years now.  Before then, she had access to solitaire on Mom's computer.  She loves the game and has spent many hours flipping card after virtual card.

Lyn's no longer able to play the game.  It is a very recent change.

Last week, she was in her room playing when she got frustrated and came out to tell Mom the computer wasn't working.  Mom suspected there was nothing wrong with the computer and offered to let Lyn use her computer.  Lyn accepted.  Mom opened the game and stepped out of the way so Lyn could play.  A few minutes later, Lyn was just as frustrated as she was when she tried to play on her own computer.  Mom asked if she wanted a little help.  Again, she accepted.  Mom pointed out a card she could move.  Lyn studied the board and still couldn't figure out the next move.  Mom pointed out another card that could be moved.  A few more times like this and Lyn was fully disgusted with herself.

"I just can't do the numbers!  They don't make sense."

This was a fast change but not surprising.  Number work is actually one of the early failures with Alzheimer's.  I honestly think the only reason she's played solitaire so long into her disease progression is because she would sit for hours to play regularly.    I think that time has now passed.


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