Changes from the Team Meeting

Lynn's team met yesterday for their regularly scheduled monthly review.  They discussed the frustration Lyn's experiencing at day hab and the consideration of reducing the days there from 5 to 3.    One of the team members suggested a different modification to Lyn's schedule.

It was pointed out that Lyn's normal pick up time coincides with an uptick in activity at the facility.  Some clients leave at that time while the groups which have been on the day's community activity are returning to the facility.  As a result, there's a lot of noise and people bustling about.  The director at the facility reports that Lyn's actually happy through the majority of the day.  So, the suggestion was made to pick Lyn up a half an hour earlier to see if that alleviates her frustration.  If it works, then she'd still be able to attend 5 days a week.

It is worth a shot and Mom's already made the adjustment to the schedule.  Hopefully, this will make departures less frustrating for Lyn and keep her time at day hab regular and positive.


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