Sending Her Postcards

Mom suggested that I find a postcard to send to Lyn while I was at my conference.  Getting a piece of mail makes her very happy.  I thought it a good suggestion and readily agreed to it.  I knew I wouldn't be able to Skype with Lyn for two weekends and had hoped it would help a little.

I was in New Orleans for half of my stay before I found a few minutes and a nearby location to my conference to pick up some postcards for Lyn.  The conference schedule was packed and the daily rain was often quite heavy, keeping me in the conference center or on the shuttle to my hotel.  Then, towards the end of the conference, I had to venture a little further into the center than I had up to that point where I discovered a UPS store on-site which sold postcards.  I bought four and quickly wrote one out to Lyn.

For the next few days, I wrote a card out and dropped it with the front desk of my hotel to go out in the daily mail.  As of Sunday, when I returned home, Lyn had just received the first one.  I didn't tell her that more were on their way to her.  I spoke to her for just a few minutes when I got home and she was excited to thank me for the card.

I'll have to do the same thing when I take any future trips that don't involve her.


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