Strawberry Water

Lynn's particular about what she drinks.  She likes some juices and ice tea.  She will drink milk on occasion.  She prefers the strawberry flavored carbonated water and will gladly drink that.  Plain tap water is a non-starter.  So, for years, Mom's bought her the strawberry flavored water.

There were a couple of places they could buy it there in town but over the years that list has dwindled to one store.  When they came to visit, I tried finding it here with no luck.  Two weeks ago, Mom was not able to find it where she normally buys it.  Thinking the store was just out and knowing she had several bottles at home, she figured she'd get it when next she was in the store.  No luck.  They were out again.

She asked an employee for assistance and learned that the product is a discontinued item.  The employee kindly checked the back to see if there were any cases hiding.  There were none.  She tried four other stores and asked our uncle to check the store where he and his family shops.  Still no luck.

In the meantime, she received a survey request from the store where she normally buys the water.  She took the survey and indicated she was not able to find a desired product.  She gave the information and explained it was for an individual with special needs who could not tolerate change.  In less than 24 hours, a customer service representative from the corporate headquarters called to follow up on the survey.

The employee was concerned about the survey and asked for the UPC code from Lyn's last bottle.  Mom explained that Lyn has Alzheimer's and this is the only water she's willing to drink.  The employee was very kind and has promised to search all stores to find any of the product.  Mom has offered to buy whatever is available.  The employee has asked for a couple of days to see what, if anything, is possible.

Mom choked up at the lady's kindness and willingness to go the extra mile for Lyn.  She indicated that she understood that Alzheimer's limits change.

Mom writes "I know there are so many good, kind people in the world willing to help."  This employee is definitely one of them.


  1. I'm so grateful for all of the little (and the huge) kindnesses that people have offered. Some people will go out of their way for us, even though they don't have to and I appreciate it so, so much.


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