Calling 911

Mom writes:

She wanted me to "be happy to fix dinner."  So I pushed my luck and began to fix meatloaf.  Hmmmm, no argument.  

She came into the kitchen to throw something away and I could see how tired she is.  I asked if she was folding up.  "Yes, I'm ready to drop right here."  I hugged her and said to go ahead then I'd have to call 911 and the paramedics would come, pick her up and check her out.  She began to laugh so hard that Nikka came in to see what was happening.  I asked if that's what she wanted me to do, call 911?

The laughter began again and I kept asking her to answer me.  She couldn't.  I waited till she quit laughing and then said I needed an answer.

"Sure they can come and check me out anytime."

I sent her to go get her bath while dinner cooked.  I told her they should check me out.  "No, you're too old."



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