July Holiday 2015

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and my family and I will spend it eating too much and laughing with my husband's cousins as they stage their own fireworks show.  It is a loud, colorful, mosquito-eaten day which we enjoy.

Tomorrow, Mom will most likely have to medicate both Lyn and Nikka so they can survive the night without having full-blown anxiety attacks.  Neither are able to tolerate the sounds of thunder much less fireworks or the occasional gunshots.  I think their fear stems from their inability to anticipate when a boom is going to happen or understand why they are happening.  If you're caring for an individual with a form of dementia, you may find they are highly agitated during storms and fireworks shows.

For those of you who don't enjoy the booming fireworks, I hope you have a quiet evening where you and your pets feel safe and secure.  For those of us who relish the noise, I hope you have an enjoyable time and remember to be gentle with those who feel differently.

Enjoy your holiday however you spend it.  We'll return with posts on Monday, July 13.


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