Postcards Part 1

When I went to New Orleans in April for my annual corporate conference, Mom asked me to send Lyn some postcards.  I was able to find some while between sessions and started mailing them to her about halfway through my stay.  Lyn was excited to receive the mail because it was addressed to her and she liked the pictures.  When I travelled to Chicago in June, another postcard was found and mailed to her.  I've done it twice more now in connection with the trips I've taken with my family.  Each time, she is delighted to get them in the mail.  I actually have two more sitting on my dining table so I can spread out the cards she gets.

Lyn has also started receiving post cards from a friend we've made through our participation in Memory People and from a former neighbor.  She is keeping her postcards and loves to pull them out to look at the pictures again and again.

She doesn't know what to do with her face all of the time when we try to take her picture, but I assure you that she's happy looking at her cards.

Mom commented on how many she's collecting and how Mom only gets bills and junk mail.  Lyn, ever humble, quipped back "Well, I'm just more popular than you."


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