She Gets It

On the way to day hab yesterday, Lyn and Mom had to change their route due to traffic.  Along the way, they spotted an egret walking beside the road.  Lyn asked what it was and Mom told her.  After several minutes of silence, Lyn burst out laughing.  Mom asked what was making her laugh.  It took a while for her to gain control enough to croak out a response.

"You guys didn't believe me about the chicken!  Now do you?!"  She had to wipe tears from her face, she was laughing so hard.  Caught off guard, Mom told her she was "100% right.  We should know better than to doubt anything you say."  Lyn's subtle response was a simple "Ha!  I told you!"

Lyn used to ask what was on the blog each morning.  She's long since stopped doing it.  She didn't know yesterday's blog was about the chicken.  She also didn't know that Mom had inquired about it.  Randomly, her neurons fired and made a connection that delighted her and made Mom laugh too.


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