The Tale of the Chicken in a Sack

On Tuesday, I spoke with lynx and she told me about her exciting day at day hab.  One of the staff asked if she and the other clients wanted to see the chicken in his office.  The chicken was in a brown paper bag.  It was lying down, "getting ready to take a nap."  Its eyes were open.  She said it had brown and white feathers.  She was very excited to see the chicken.

I asked her where the chicken came from and she was a bit disgusted with me for not knowing that it came from "the chicken store on Lomas."  I asked a few more questions about the what the chicken was doing.  She insisted it was just lying down.

I was a bit dismayed and asked to speak to Mom.  Mom reiterated everything that Lyn had said, confirming that Lyn's statements had not changed all afternoon.  Mom and I didn't have the heart to break the news to Lyn that the chicken was dead and not napping.  We were flummoxed as to why the staff member would bring a dead chicken into the office in a paper bag.  Mom promised to ask about it on Wednesday when she took Lyn to day hab.

Fortunately, during the day, Mom emailed me with an update.  Mom had asked a staff member about the incident and learned the following.

The staff member who had shown the chicken to Lyn had a pet chicken who had recently died.  This was not the chicken in the bag.  Another staff member had bought him another chicken as a pet.  The chicken was alive and it was quietly resting in the bag when Lyn looked at it.  The bag had holes so it could breathe easily.  The chicken was purchased in the South Valley; not at a chicken store on Lomas.

Mom and I have gotten a good laugh out of this.  We are glad to know the chicken was alive and that we were wrong about it.  We are amused that Lyn was right and that we didn't believe her, thinking she was interpreting things through the haze of Alzheimer's.  We're glad to know the chicken has a home.


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