A Switch is Thrown

On Saturday, Lyn was so full of herself.  On Sunday, she continued bragging about her painting to the minister and some of the congregants at church.  The minister exclaimed over the lovely cross Lyn painted for her and got a chuckle over Lyn's attitude.

After church, Mom and Lyn went out to lunch and Mom could see Lyn starting to deflate while eating.  By the time they got home, the switch had been thrown.  Lyn collapsed into sobs, repeating "I hate myself" over and over.  She was able to verbalize that her brain just doesn't work and she hates herself because of it.  She knew she wanted to do something as they walked in but she lost the thought between the car and the house and could not retrieve it at all.

Mom tried to comfort her but it took quite a while.  When the sobs subsided, Lyn was spent and agreed to a nap.  She only slept for a half hour.  Upon waking she was still off.  Her eyes were dull and vacant.  She didn't understand what Mom tried to tell her.  Nikka kept in constant contact with Lyn, trying to ease her discomfort.


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