Confusion Causes Sadness

On Tuesday, Lyn struggled with waking versus sleeping.

Upon getting home at 1:30, she was exhausted but refused a nap.  By 4pm she was struggling to stay awake.  At 5, she was crawling into bed.  At 6pm, she was awake, wanting to get dressed for today.

Mom opened the curtain over the sliding door so that Lyn could see that it was night and not morning.  Lyn sat on the couch, confused and increasingly sad.  She told Mom she thought it was supposed to be daytime.

Just before 7pm, she went back to bed.

She's excited to spend time today with her community access care provider.  We hope that excitement is what caused her disruption today.

Unfortunately, this is happening more frequently and it may become a serious concern.  We have to make sure she's safe through the night.  We also have to make sure that both Lyn and Mom get enough sleep.  There may become a point where we have to bring in a night-time attendant to help.


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