Sunday Night Television

On Sunday, Mom, Lyn and I had our Skype conversation.  Lyn was very excited to show me the new socks she bought.  They were black and grey and said Star Wars.  She was also wearing her black and grey Star Wars shirt.

She loves Star Wars and thinks we're idiots for not knowing how much she's loved Star Wars her whole life.

Later, Mom sent me an email that read:

"She wanted to watch tv but needed me to see what's on.  Scrolling down the listings, I joked about Star Wars.

She became animated.  "The real one?  Like here?"  She tapped her shirt.  "Yes, it's the real one; The Empire Strikes Back."

She's sitting watching it and very happy.

OMG, I would NEVER thave thought she was such a fan.  What is Alheimer's doing to her brain?????????  lol"


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