No Mucks

Last week, Lyn finished a painting of the full moon rising over some trees in a starry sky.  I offered to buy it because I think it is lovely.

In the back and forth, Lyn accepted my price.  When I asked if they could just hold onto the painting and let me pick it up this summer when I visit, Lyn got upset.  "But, I need the money now!"  It struck me as funny because it sounded like she was trying to make rent or something.  She has no such concern.  She just likes getting money (who doesn't?) and doesn't want to wait for it.

A few minutes later, I found myself on camera in a Skype call, assuring her that I was good for the money and that I wouldn't make her wait.  I went to my purse, pulled out the cash she wants and showed it to her.  I pulled out a card and showed her the cash going into the card.  I showed her the envelope and let her watch me addressing and putting a stamp on it.  It was like some poorly executed bit in a movie where the gambler assures the mob guys he's going to have the funds ready before someone comes to break some legs.

Mom was laughing over Lyn's impatience for the cash.  Lyn's gotten a bit of a swollen head, announcing to people that she's "going all over town to sell paintings."  She's surprisingly good, all things considered and has received a lot of praise for it recently.  She has even tried to explain her techniques to me.  She asked if I knew how she painted the stars and didn't wait for me to finish my answer before telling me she uses the end of the paint brush handle.

"Humility is running amuck." Mom chuckled.

"No!"  Lyn immediately retorted.  "Let me say this.  First!  No mucks!  We have no mucks running here.  No.  There is no running mucks allowed."

Mom asked me if I have humility running amuck at my house.  Lyn looked concerned.  I assured her there was no muck running through my house either.

The card goes int the mail today.


  1. Now this is just funny! She sounds like Ischelle, "show me the money!" It's all about money here too. We've known Lyn and your mom since Lyn & my daughter were girls, finding our way through the special ed system together. We lost touch & just recently reconnected & your mom told me about this blog. What a lovely thing you are doing. What a hideous reason you are having to do it. I also knew you as a little girl, nice to get reacquainted.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind comment. I remember you and Ischelle quite well! I'm glad you and Mom have reconnected and that you're reading the blog. Welcome!


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