Holy Disco Has A Home

Do you remember the purple and silver cross Lyn made me?  I've been calling it "Holy Disco."  

Lyn was mad at me because I hadn't hung it on my wall the last time she asked about it.  She was mad at the picture I posted of it because the cross was clearly resting on a small table.  She's forgotten all about the cross and my lack of compliance.  This is a good thing because Holy Disco has a new home and is on it's way back to New Mexico.

A friend of the family mentioned over bunch with Mom that she was catching up with the blog and loved the cross.  She indicated that if I ever decided to get rid of it, she would love to have it.  

Say no more!

We've all agreed to say nothing about this arrangement to Lyn.  There's no need to make her angry again.  I'll just quietly mail it off to its new owner.  I'm delighted to send this piece to someone who will appreciate it more than I.  


  1. Your partner in crime for this beautiful cross, Holy Disco, is thrilled to be getting it. I have a wall of crosses where it will most likely reside, however, I don't see that wall often so it may get a more prominent home because purple is my favorite color, the silver paint is the icing on the cake. I love it! Thank you very much, kiddo.

  2. The HOLY DISCO just arrived, thank you! Wow, FedEx, you really wanted that thing gone I guess. I love it & will send you a pic when I decide where to hang it.


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