An Unreasonable Anger

Earlier this week, Lyn's case manager called to reschedule their monthly meeting.  The state had notified the agency that it was audit time and they had to reschedule a number of visits as a result.  In the conversation with Mom, they were able to reschedule for next week.

Lyn was instantly angry, nearly exploding with rage.  She had the meeting marked on her calendar for the original date and it MUST stay the original date.  Mom attempted to explain to her the reason for the reschedule.  Each time, Lyn just got madder and escalated her response.  Mom offered to update Lyn's calendar.  She refused.  Eventually, Mom had to get stern to stop Lyn from yelling.

Lyn wasn't done.  For hours, she grumbled and mumbled about the change.  She was unable to accept the change in schedule.  The only thing that made her calm was that I just happened to call to check up on them.

She and I chatted.  She was pleasant and never once mentioned the change in schedule.  When she handed the phone over to Mom, I could occasionally hear her in the background calling out to the television.  I think she was watching Wheel of Fortune.

I've suggested to Mom that she send me a text when Lyn gets like this so I can call and we let the call help redirect her attention and emotions.  Mom doesn't use text.  If she can slip into the bathroom for a moment, however, she could call me on the side and I'd gladly call her back.

This was the first time that Lyn couldn't be redirected or calmed down after an explanation or two.  Unfortunately, this is a common symptom of this stage of Alzheimer's.  We'll see this more often in the coming months.

Deep breath and keep the cell phone handy to call me anytime.


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