Introducing a Friend to the Bosque

Mom and Lyn were visited this week by a friend from Texas.  He's well aware of Lyn's dementia and her intellectual disabilities and was prepared to go with the flow.  Lyn, however, decided that she would put her best behavior forward because she was able to help play tour guide around town.

Thursday night, they were trying to decide what to do on Friday when Lyn suggested that a trip to  Bosque del Apache might be a good idea.  It took her about 5 minutes to get her thoughts organized enough to make her suggestion clear, but she got there and their guest was patient through her process.  She loves going out to the Bosque and they recently hand to cancel a planned trip due to weather and illness.  Well, they all decided Lyn's idea was great and plans were made.  They were to pick up their guest from his hotel at 7 am.

They arrived at the Bosque mid-morning and were surprised to learn that the majority of the Sandhill cranes had already started their migration to their nesting grounds in the North.  The winder had been warm enough that the cranes had left early this year and only about 20 remained.  They were able to spot the cranes.

The best time of day to visit the Bosque if you're there to really see the wildlife is in the gloaming hours.  Dawn and dusk bring the most activity as the diurnal animals and nocturnal animals trade off.  Despite not arriving at the crack of dawn, they were still able to observe quite a bit of wildlife as they walked the Farm Loop trail.  They spotted quail, three coyotes, a Bald Eagle, three white-tailed deer, a Blue Heron, Canadian and Snow geese.  One of the coyotes was being dive-bombed by several crows.

Bosque - March 2001

Lyn was happy as she could be.  Their guest was interested in the refuge, having never been there before and was pleased to see a number of animals he'd never been able to see before.  Lyn spotted the first two coyotes, but he caught on and was the one to spot the third.

On the way back to Albuquerque, they stopped at the Buckhorn for lunch.   It might not look like much, but the green chile cheeseburgers make it worth the stop.

Update from Mom:
"Once down (at the Bosque) she pulled out the glasses and pointed out the geese and ducks.  She was so excited to spot the first coyote.  She squealed and told me "back up, back up quietly."  So I did and there he was in the tall grass looking back at us.  We watched about 2 minutes then he turned and disappeared in the grass again.  She pointed out hawks at each turn."


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