They Don't Tie Right

Lyn has started sleeping longer hours again.  She's just off her period and yet the hours of necessary sleep have increased.  It seems as though she has these longer sleeping hours in times when she's showing more decline.  Along these lines, Mom wrote on Friday,

"From the position of her bathroom door, I knew she hadn't gotten up during the night.  She was in a deep sleep when Nikka and I went into her room."

Mom needed to wake her because she'd already been asleep for over 12 hours and they needed to get ready for day hab.

"After being up a while, she asked if her balloon shirt was clean.  'No, you wore it yesterday.'  Keep in mind that there are several short sleeved shirts hanging in her closet but she didn't think she had clean ones.  I asked if she wanted me to help her.  There was obvious relief in her voice.  'Yes please.'

When she came in the living room to put on her shoes she mumbled that 'They don't tie right anymore.'  I just got up and stood in front of her.  She put her foot on my leg so I could tie her shoe.  

My heart is sad but she's in a good mood.   So, life will be good today."

When I visited in August, Lyn could tie both shoes.  In December, I noticed that she could tie one shoe but not the other.  It is now March and she can no longer tie either shoe.  

She still refuses to wear shoes with velcro closures.


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