Bull Riders Galore

Mom got tickets to take Lyn to the PBR championships at The Pit yesterday.  It was 2 1/2 hours of LOUD excitement.

Lyn whooped, hollered, cheered and clapped her way through the entire event.  She was enthralled and excited.  Mom was entertained by a little three year-old boy who flirted with her through the entire event.  She had a wonderful time and didn't get confused or scared.

Mom bought Lyn a PBR shirt.  Lyn says it is different than the one we got her for Christmas.  Lyn bought herself a program "since it was only $10!"  Lyn reports The Pit was full.  She told me that one of the bulls tried to climb out of the shoot.  One of the bulls fell over and the rider stayed on through the fall and the bull getting back up.

When the event was over, they hurried home so that Lyn could eat an early dinner before the event was aired on TV.

Lyn decided that the next time she sees our Uncle she's going try to make a deal with him.  She'll pay for the tickets if he takes her to the event next year.  Sounds like a deal to me.


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