Get Rid of Them

Yesterday, after our call, Lyn sat down to work a puzzle again.  She pulled out a 500 piece puzzle two weeks ago and had spread it out on the dining table.  No pieces were together.  Mom sat updating Lyn's case management book of weekly reports at the table beside her.

It was not going well.  Lyn's frustration increased quickly and pretty dramatically.  She started grumbling.  Mom suggested the puzzle get put away.  Lyn burst into tears.  She covered her face with her hands and sobbed.  "I hate the way my brain is changing!  It won't let me finish it!"  Mom just got up, walked around the table and hugged her.  There was nothing else she could do.

They agreed that Lyn's brain doesn't work the 500 piece puzzles any more.  Nor does it work on the 300 piece puzzles.  Lyn decided "Let's just get rid of them."  Mom agreed.  While Lyn is at day hab, she'll remove the puzzles with higher count pieces, leaving Lyn with puzzles of 100 pieces or fewer.  Puzzles are now a source of frustration for her.


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