Balloon Fiesta 2015

The past two weeks have filled the skies over Albuquerque with hundreds of hot air balloons.  The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has been underway and the city is hosting 550 balloons, their pilots and crews.  While smaller than in previous years, the event is not to be missed.

Lyn loves the special shape and there are several new ones this year.  I was just looking through the gallery and spotted a great balloon called "Robbie."  Robbie is a boy in a wheelchair reaching for a star.  I love it!

Lyn has been saying that she wanted to go to the Balloon Fiesta Park with her respite provider this weekend.  Both Mom and the respite provider would have made that happen if they thought Lyn could handled it.  At this point, we don't think she can.  She's gone in previous years, however.

Going to the field is an effort.  You have to get up early and be out the door in enough time to arrive at the field before 4:30am.  You have to go to the Park and Ride area to be shuttled into the field.  You're at the field with as many as 100,000 other guests and hundreds of balloons.  The field is a a hands-on venue.  Guests walk between the balloons and may be pulled from the crowd to lend a hand.  They're encouraged to speak with the pilots and learn about ballooning.  Some balloons, such as Darth Vader and Master Yoda end up having their own crowd control groups.  Those two balloons are supported by a local garrison of the 501st who provide Storm Troopers every day of the fiesta.  The field is ringed with vendors selling everything from balloon pins to burritos.  It is chaos.  It is a calm and beautiful form of chaos but chaos nonetheless.

Mom asked if Lyn wanted to get up at 3am?  No!  Did Lyn want to deal with the Park and Ride shuttle?  No!    Did Lyn want to deal with 100,000 people?  "No!  I can't deal with that!!"

She opted to go bowling instead.


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