October's Team Meeting

Tuesday was the monthly team meeting in which the individuals involved in Lyn's care get together to discuss what has happened in the past month, what actions need to be taken and review how Lyn's doing.

Mom mentioned how early Lyn has started going to bed again.  (There are days now when Lyn struggles to be up past 5pm.  Yesterday, she bathed and was in pajamas before 2pm.)  Lyn's behavioral therapist offered up an insightful response:

"Of course, you are tired.  You work so hard and your brain is tired by the end of the day."

Lyn's time at day hab is becoming overwhelming for her.  The staff at day hab keep the music on and up all day.  Lyn's behavioral therapist is scheduled to do some training with the staff there this week and she intends to suggest the music is turned down or even off for part of the day.  She says it is difficult for others to concentrate and the impact on the constant noise is not limited to Lyn.

Mom and the behavioral therapist both think that the time at day hab will be less and less over the next year.  We're already seeing days in which Lyn is asking to stay home or otherwise expressing a desire to not go.  Lyn's case manager informed Mom that when Lyn can no longer attend day hab the funds which pay for the service can be transitioned to paying for 1-on-1 coverage.  This coverage is more expensive and may require additional funds.  When Lyn is no longer able to leave the house, this coverage is a necessity so Mom can still leave the house to tend to everything from grocery shopping to Alzheimer's support group sessions.

Lyn's respite provider was in tears over this discussion.  She doesn't like to acknowledge that Lyn's progressing pretty quickly or that Lyn will be homebound sooner rather than later.


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