Skipping Day Hab

On Sunday, as Mom was tucking Lyn into bed, Lyn asked if she had to go to day hab on Monday.  Mom assured her it was her choice.  She didn't have to go if she didn't want to.  Lyn said "Well, I don't want to go tomorrow."  When Mom asked why, it took several attempts for Lyn to get past saying "all the" repeatedly and finally get out the thought of "all the noise."

Lyn didn't go to day hab the next day.  She stayed at home with Mom and was mostly quiet, spending a large portion of the day coloring.

Mom will ask her each day if she wants to go and will encourage her to go.  There will be days when Lyn doesn't have much choice.  She will have to go so Mom can tend to things like participating in her Alzheimer's support group.


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