Chastised Again

I try to watch my language depending upon the situation.  At work, I definitely have a persona I try to maintain.  At home it relaxes a bit and I say things of which Lyn doesn't always approve.  One of those slips happened on Sunday while we Skyped.

My eldest was sitting next to me on his own laptop listening into the conversation.  I turned the camera to him and asked him to tell his Grandmother why he was late getting home from school on Thursday.  I knew there would be a smug smile and wanted her to see it.  He explained and we all got a good laugh out of the situation.  Without thinking, I commented that his "life must suck" because he had been invited to spend an hour in the school weight room with the girl's volleyball team.  

Within a few moments, Lyn was chastising me about my choice of language and that we never say these things.  She couldn't quite form her sentences.  The tone and thought being conveyed were familiar enough that I clued into her meaning.  When I scanned back though my memory of the conversation which had just taken place, I realized she was unhappy I had used the word "suck."  

Ah well... being chastised in that moment was worth the exchange with my eldest and my Mom.  I'll stand by my words and let her express her displeasure in my choices.  It didn't help that I was drinking some hard cider when we were talking.  She disapproves of that too.  


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