Eye Exam

Lates last week, Lyn had her annual eye exam.  Lyn saw a different ophthalmologist with the practice than who she has previously seen.  He evidently had not read her chart prior to seeing her.

Her prescription has changed very little this year.  The significant change is that she no longer has the ability to tell the relative distance between things. Her depth perception is gone.  The doctor was confused.  He indicated that this would happen normally if a person had crossed eyes or a lazy eye.  She has neither.  Mom asked if this is a result of the Alzheimer's.  The doctor was a very surprised by the question but immediately answered with "Yes!"

The lack of the depth perception isn't a big surprise.  We've seen her struggle to figure out where to put her feet when faced with stairs or a curb.  We just didn't realize it was gone.


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