Winter is Coming

The weather this past week has gone from Summer's hot and humid meltiness to Fall's cold and rainy days.  We have not see the sun in a week but were fortunate to only have a few inches of rain instead of the many inches which were predicted early in the week as we waited for the Noreaster and Hurricane Joaquin.  

It reminded me of the years when we lived in Virginia Beach.  Mom and Lyn would often plan their annual trip out towards this time of year in the hopes of missing the humidity and the worst of Hurricane season.  For the most part, they succeeded.  There was that time that they arrived just before Hurricane Dennis came ashore.  After that, the visits were pushed to later in the year, sometimes approaching Christmas.

So, for me, these Fall days that are drenched in rain and gray are not miserable.  They're a welcome break from the humidity which makes it hard to breathe here in the Summer.  They remind me of good visits with Mom and Lyn, of times visiting the few shops which stay open all year at the Beach, of watching my sister enjoy the waves at the beach even if she wouldn't step into the water.  

Yes, Winter is coming and with it Lyn will retreat more.  But there are still days that are bright and clear and bracing to be enjoyed.

(I have not yet watched Game of Thrones but I have read all of the books.)


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