A Girls Week

Mom asked if this year's trip could be just a girls week.  I told her we would make that happen. Each day, we will do things that either need to be done or short things which we figure Lyn can handle.  

I flew in on Saturday.  My flight were uneventful and the children who were screaming in the airport passed out for the flight.  We approached Albuquerque from the East, passing between the Sandia and Monzano Mountains.  Normally, planes fly in North of the Sandias and circle the city to West before landing.  By coming in directly from the East, we were right on top of the airport and had to skirt the foothills before making a tight u-turn to land.  It was unexpected but nice to see the city a little differently.

Lyn was with her respite provider.  When they got home later in the day, I was already there waiting for them.  Lyn's respite provider tried to tell Lyn to "go hug your sister."  She stated that Lyn was excited to have me visit.  I laughed and assured her that I was aware of Lyn's excitement but didn't expect a hug.  While I had a layover in Dallas, I had called to let them know that everything was going as hoped.  When I told Lyn that I was on time, she whooped loudly in my ear.  Just because she was excited, does not mean that she would be demonstrative when she saw me.

Saturday night, Lyn was exhausted but refused to go to bed because I was still up.  I decided I was grown up enough to go to bed at 8.  That made it easy to convince Lyn to go to bed too.

The week has been planned out for me by Lyn.  There will be games of bingo and uno, craft time for perler beads, going out to eat and, of course, bowling.  


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