On the Question of Faith

I think I have hinted at my beliefs here before.  I am an atheist.  I was raised a Catholic and Mom and Lyn are active Catholics.  They attend Mass weekly.  Mom used to be much more involved but Lyn's care now prevents her from being able to teach or participate in evening activities.  Their faith is important to them.

Every once in a while, Lyn will raise the topic of God with me.  Yesterday was just such a day.  We were in the car and she asked "Do you enjoy going to Church?"  Mom was driving and I saw her flinch.  I used to give very vague answers when confronted by such questions.  There was a time when I was trying to sort out my own thoughts on the question of faith and when I was afraid of offending others.  I decided to answer the question she had asked; not the implied question.

"No.  I do not enjoy going to church.  Do you enjoy going to church?"


"I'm glad you enjoy it.  What do you like about it?"  I am happy to hear why someone enjoys services or why they find meaning in their faith.  I'm bemused by my recent encounters with missionaries at my local grocery store.  The have recoiled in horror and run away upon hearing "atheist." You would think I was a good candidate for a conversation.

Lyn proceeded to tell me that God is very helpful to everyone. He gives us what we need and loves us.  The best part was when Lyn told me that "We need to go to Church to pray for Him."  I had to stifle a giggle.  Mom interrupted at that point to distract Lyn to a different topic. 

When we got home, I told Mom that "I never knew God needed people to pray for Him."  Lyn apparently considers God her equal.

As I wrote this, Lyn asked "Do you love God?"

I hesitated as I wondered what her reaction would be if she heard "No."  Mom quickly jumped in with "In her own way."  Lyn accepted Mom's answer and stepped into the other room.  Mom confirmed that Lyn would not understand and she doesn't want Lyn upset by my potential answer.  So, I will use vague answers for Lyn in the future.


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