Body Donations

One of the many conversations we've had about the pending death of my sister is a discussion about how will we tend to her in the time immediately after she passes.  We've found repeatedly that we are quickly able to come to consensus.

We've decided that we won't interfere or try to delay her passing.  When her body begins to fail, we'll make her comfortable and let her death take place.  We will not call emergency services because they may attempt to revive her.  We will wait and call the non-emergency number once we're sure she's not just merely dead but most sincerely dead.  We had also decided to cremate her.

The topic of body donation has come up.  We're investigating it.  We know that Lyn's direct relatives (parent and siblings) need to be in agreement.  We are.  However, there's also forms for the individual to fill out, granting their permission to be donated.  These forms need to be notarized.  We're looking into what that means given her capacity for understanding.

Mom also is interested in what this option means from the perspective of her religious beliefs.  She's Catholic.  She's spoken to her priest and is looking into what the Vatican has to say about the concept.  A little nosing about the web looks like she'll find the Church is supportive of organ donation as well as body donation.

Now, we'll look into the logistics of what will really be needed to donate her body and how much Lyn needs to agree to it.


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