Things We Cannot Discuss

Conversations and interactions with Lyn are potential filled with potential land mines for her.  We know topics about medical conditions or treatment will result in a directive that the topic is inappropriate.  If I say a word she doesn't like such as "crap," I will be reprimanded.  

I'm not always able to anticipate when will raise her ire.

Yesterday, as we were out and about, Mom and I were laughing about family stories which are so unusual as to be unbelievable even though they're true such as my great aunt who was seated upright through her funeral.  Lyn told us we should not talk about it.  

When we were in a home decor store picking up black throw rugs, I playfully reached over and did a slow, fake slap on Mom's arm.  Lyn tried to throw me out of the store.  We had to explain that we were playing and not fighting.  

Later, we were in an Old Town shop with vintage and eclectic fabrics.  I spotted some dish towels with appliqu├ęs of shirtless cowboys from some Alexander Henry fabric.  I pointed them out to Mom and Lyn was instantly angry.  She gave me a very stern expression and pointed towards the door.  She wanted me out of the shop.  Once we were home, I asked Lyn what was wrong with the shirtless cowboy.  She told me it is inappropriate for them to be without a shirt.  "They need to be sharp."  Sharp means dressed nicely.    

I asked if I could find pictures of shirtless cowboys on the internet.  "No.  Don't.  That's dangerous."  So I did and her eyes about popped out of her head.  I showed her a few pictures and she disapproved of them all.  The shirtless firemen and policemen pictures were just as scandalous.

I figure if I have a list of ever growing things I cannot discuss, I might as well explore the boundaries of those things.


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