Of Boyfriends and Bowling

Annually, I go bowling with Lyn because it is an activity she loves and is good at.  For months beforehand, I hear how she's going to beat me.  She's right.  She always wins.  I'm a terrible bowler.

We were just getting started when a large group arrived and occupied the next three lanes.  The bowlers were also special needs.  We immediately recognized several of the athletes.  Lyn knew them from school and Special Olympics.  She had even dated two of the men years ago.  They both came over and greeted us all by name.  They hugged each of us and one of them settled in to chat with us as we bowled.

Lyn and I rotated through our turns.  In each game, she threw two strikes.  In each game, I had at least 4 gutter balls.  Pretty soon the other bowlers were laughing and calling out to me to "throw it down the middle!"  They're better bowlers and were giving sound advise.  I'm just that bad.

After throwing another gutter ball, I walked between Mom and one of Lyn's friends.  He asked Mom " Do you remember when Lyn and I went to Cliffs (amusement park) together?  We were boyfriend and girlfriend then.  Can Lyn be my girlfriend again?"  He had called out some encouragement and some teasing comments to Lyn.  Otherwise, he had been trying to charm Mom.  She told him " No.  Not today."  Lyn later agreed she didn't want to be his girlfriend again because he wasn't always appropriate.

We had a good time.  Lyn is very pleased that she has the higher score as she predicted.  Her friends gathered around us as we packed up to leave.  There were more hugs and well wishes.  It was a delightful surprise encounter.


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