A New Impediment

Lyn's been approved for Community Access for several weeks now.  Mom had interviewed and selected an agency to provide the service.  Mom had even interviewed a couple of providers and found one that clicked.  Lyn should have started with the program two weeks ago but she has not.

The agency hasn't gotten everything lined up.  The provider who Mom selected has decided that Lyn doesn't need enough hours and has decided to not work with Lyn.  The agency has no other provider available currently and has indicated they will have to hire and train staff before Lyn will be assigned to a provider.  This delay is hard for Lyn to understand and she's very impatient to get started with the service.

It looks like we'll have to start the process over again.  We have he budget.  Now we need to find a provider willing to work with Lyn and use the Freedom of Choice to move her from the current agency to a different one.


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