Alzheimer's Plans

As I write this, I'm pre-gaming for the Vice Presidential debate.  I'm taking one for the team here.  It's a Dark and Stormy (ginger beer and rum) kind of night but I'm drinking it on your behalf.  I need the fortification as I wade into the platforms of the presidential candidates before the debate to see who says what about Alzheimer's, dementia or health care.

I will list my findings in alphabetical order so as to not highlight any one candidate preferentially.  I am limiting the links to either existing law or to their platform positions on their official sites.

Hillary Clinton
Mrs. Clinton commits to $2 Billion in annual research funding for Alzheimer's and related diseases.  She plans to work with Congress to reauthorize the Missing Alzheimer's Disease Patient Alert Program.  She also wants Medicare to cover comprehensive Alzheimer's care planning sessions and for Social Security to do more to inform seniors of the benefits they receive through Medicare such as wellness visits and cognitive screenings.  You can find out more at her issue page titled An End to Alzheimer's Disease and her position on health care in general.

Gary Johnson
Mr. Johnson has no issue statement on Alzheimer's, dementia or health care.

Jill Stein
Ms. Stein supports a single-payer public insurance program for everyone.  There are no details in her platform beyond that.

Donald Trump
Mr. Trump's position is that the Affordable Care Act should be repealed in favor of Health Savings Accounts.  There are no details in his platform beyond that.

And with that, I'm off to watch Kaine and Pence duke it out.  Please let there be actual policies discussed!!  *fingers crossed*


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